Policies and Procedures

UKSA expects all its athletes to work within the guidelines set by the World Anti Doping Authority (WADA), INAS-FID and UK Sport.

Doping Guidelines

UKSA expects all its athletes to work within the guidelines set by the World Anti Doping Authority (WADA), INAS-FID and UK Sport.

Important Messages about Anti-Doping

  • Drugs might make some athletes better and faster – but it’s not worth it. Every athlete should succeed in sport by doing it on their own with hard work and training. Athletes work too hard to risk it all or ruin it all by taking drugs to help them perform better.
  • Every athlete is responsible for what goes into their own body so make sure you know what is in any medication or supplements before you put them into your body.
  • To find out what is in your medication or supplements use the “Drug Information Database” www.didglobal.com or check with your Doctor. Have a look at the 100 percent me website too at www.100percentme.co.uk or call the drugs information line on 0800 528 0004.
  • It isn’t an excuse to say “I didn’t know it was banned”.
  • All Great Britain athletes can be tested “at a competition” or at any other time eg in training. This is called being tested “out of competition”.
  • If you have to take medication for real medical reasons all GB athletes will need to fill in a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form. This is sometimes called a “TUE” form. You can get these by contacting the UKSA office. Your Doctor will need to fill in some of this aswell. UKSA will send your application to INAS-FID and they will decide if you can get an exemption. Remember that you need to send this information to UKSA as soon as possible and at least 6 weeks before any event.
  • Parents and families have an important part to play in supporting and encouraging the athlete to stay drug free in sport. They also have an important role to support the athlete in doing what the doping control rules say they should.

Protection Policy

UKSA is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable adults in sport and works to promote and uphold good practice taking advice from the NSPCC, Child Protection in Sport Unit and other information sources.

Criminal Record Bureau Disclosures

All staff and volunteers that manage and accompany athletes in the Great Britain Team will be expected to have an enhanced Disclosure that is either from their Home Country Association (ie. One of UKSA’s four members) or their Sports Governing Body. Only disclosures that are no more than 18 months old on the day after a team returns from competition will be accepted. Contact the UKSA office for a full copy of UKSA’s Protection Statement.

Code of Conduct

UKSA expects all its athletes, staff and GB Team supporters to work well together, respect each others roles and present a positive and professional image of UKSA and Great Britain when away at any sports competition, training or other event. There are 3 separate policies

Other Policies and Procedures

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