Eligibility and Classification Procedure and Forms

There are Two Levels of Classification available: UKSA (UK) and Inas (International)

UKSA leads and manages eligiblity of British athletes for classification in the UK. We evaluate whether an athlete is eligible for classification.  We work with National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) and Home Country Disability Sports Organisations in each country to achieve this.

We will use the term ‘classification’ throughout this section, but remember that it refers to eligibility for classification throughout.

There are two levels of classification for athletes in the UK:

(1) UK  – evaluated and issued by UKSA (for events in the UK only)
(2) International – evaluated by UKSA and Inas.  Issued by Inas. (for Inas events and international events, including some International Federation events and the Paralympic Games, or IPC sanctioned events)

Please make sure you speak to UKSA before you start the process or carry out any new assessments.  We want to ensure you get the best advice on which level of classification is most appropriate for you and do not unnecessarily have an athlete go through psychology testing.

Note: From May 2017, there is an UKSA application fee for either level as follows:

UK level – £45

Inas level – £55

If you choose to apply for both at the same time, the fee is £65

In 2018 Inas introduced a new registration fee for all new applications.  This equates to £56 per application and includes the Inas licence fee for the first year.  This new Inas fee must also accompany new applications.

Fees can be paid by internet banking, or cheque payable to the ‘UK Sports Association’.  To be considered, all applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

UKSA (UK) Classification

This is mainly for athletes who are starting out in their sport, or have been competing for a while but not yet reached GB or international standards.

It is valid for athletes from the UK who are competing in UK competitions only. Not all UK competitions require classification so if you are unsure you should check the entry form or ask the event organiser.

All applications should reach the UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability at least 6 weeks prior to any closing date of competitions at which the athlete is seeking entry. Application is no guarantee that a classification will be granted.

Only athletes who have been classified on the UK system since January 1st 2009 will hold a valid UK classification.

UK Application Deadlines

All applications should reach the UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability at least 6 weeks prior to any closing date of competitions at which the athlete is seeking entry. Application is no guarantee that a classification will be granted.

Only athletes who have been classified on the UK system since January 1st 2009 will hold a valid UK classification.

Cricket and UK Classification

In 2011, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) began its review of how cricket will manage classification for players with learning disability. To support this process ECB have appointed Classification Officers as first point of contact for any coach or cricketer considering the classification process.

Further details on how this process will be managed will be provided by ECB shortly. In the meantime queries should be addressed to Ian Martin – ian.martin@ecb.co.uk

UK Application Form for all Sports

To apply for classification please download the UK Classification Form and follow the guidance notes. All applications must be accompanied by the documentary evidence and appropriate fee.  See above for fees.

Download the UK Classification Form and Guidance Notes here (forms under review – please contact UKSA for a copy)

Please do not send the application to the address on the form.  Please send your application to us at UK Sports Association, PO Box 1318, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 9ZH.


Further Guidance on UK Classification

Read the UKSA Guide for Psychologists; Download it by clicking here (PDF).

International (Inas) Classification

This is for athletes who have reached national standards and are about to reach international standards in their sport or who are demonstrating particular talent and progression along the performance pathway.

International classification is currently also required to compete in long course swimming competitions at the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS).

Inas has recently introduced two new trial classes in some sports.  The three Inas classes are:

  • II1 – for athletes with an intellectual impairment
  • II2 – trial group for athletes with a more significant intellectual impairment
  • II3 – trial group for athletes with high-functioning autism

II2 – includes athletes with down syndrome.  The two new classes are an Inas initiative only.  That means that events in the UK and programmes run by NGB’s do not recognise athletes with down syndrome or autism as separate classes.  They are not classes on the Paralympic programmes.

Please contact UKSA for more information on the two new classes, including criteria, evidence and how these are being managed for athletes in the UK.

International Application Deadlines

All applications should reach UKSA at least 5 months prior to the closing date of any competition at which the athlete is seeking entry. Application is no guarantee of being granted a classification.

International (INAS) Application Procedure and Forms

To begin applying for international eligibility and classification, there are 4 documents you need to complete. Once the forms are complete, you will also need to attach the required evidence and application fee.  See above for fee details.

All the forms are available in this section. Please read this whole section before starting. Please read the INAS Guidance Notes also.

Do make sure you have obtained advice from either UKSA, your Home Country or Sports Governing Body (NGB) before you begin this process.

Application Form and Data Protection

At the end of March 2014, Inas published a new international application form for the primary eligibility/classification (Stage 1 application). The criteria is the same, the change is administrative. However only the March 2014 application form should be used. When applying on this form you must tick “full eligibility”

Document 1 – INAS Classification “Primary Eligibility” Application Form (March 2014).

You also need to complete the Confidentiality and Data Protection Statement and include in your application.

Document 2 – INAS Classification Confidentiality & Data Protection for UK applicants.


Each application should be accompanied by the Training History & Sport Activity Limitations form (TSAL). The TSAL replaces the previous SIC-Q. All applicants, across all sports, should complete the TSAL. Each TSAL will go directly to INAS and will contribute to the research programme eventually helping any further developments that may be required in the sports specific classification system.

The TSAL must be completed on line by the athlete’s main coach. Paper copies are no longer acceptable.

Document 3 – Complete the TSAL online here.

In Paralympic sports (athletics, swimming and table tennis), the athlete may at a later stage be asked by their Sports Governing Body, IPC Athletics, IPC Swimming or ITTF to complete another TSAL. This will only be required at the point that particular athlete is being called for Stage 2 testing – sports specific classification.

Endorsement and Checklist

You should use the checklist to make sure you have included all the evidence needed to support the application.

Do not sign the checklist however, as this is completed by the relevant organisations. Different sports require different people to complete the checklist and endorse the application before it reaches UKSA.

Document 4 – Home Country/NGB Endorsement amd Checklist.

UKSA is working with Home Country Associations and National Governing Bodies to identify the most appropriate person to complete the endorsement and checklist. These people are called “Classification Officers” or “Classification Coordinators”.

Please ensure you submit your application to the right person. If in doubt, please contact UKSA for guidance. A checklist, with the correct endorsement must be attached to the front of every application before it reaches UKSA.

Posting your Application

All applications should be sent via recorded post to the appropriate Classification Officer. Seek guidance from your sport on who this should be sent to before it reaches us at UKSA.

If in doubt, please send it straight to us at the UK Sports Association, PO Box 1318, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 9ZH.

Please ensure you keep a photocopy of all that you send. We cannot accept applications via email.


Athletes seeking eligibility and classification for the first time should ensure you have obtained advice from UKSA, your Home Country or Sports Governing Body (NGB) before you begin this process. Please do not complete an application or arrange any assessments with psychologists before getting advice.

If you are unsure who to contact about your particular sport, please contact the UK Sports Association directly and we will be happy to advise you.

Further Guidance on international classification

Read the INAS International Classification Guidance Notes (v March 2014). The guidance notes include a template for Psychologists reports. Please ensure any Psychologist embarking on assessments has access to the guidance notes and the UKSA Guide for Psychologists before they are asked to carry out assessments or write reports.

To download and read the UKSA Guide for Psychologists, visit the Resources section of this site.

Read the INAS Eligibility and Classification Policy.

What happens if an athlete is seeking classification in more than one sport?

UK classification is valid across the sports at present.

To compete in more than one sport at international level, an athlete will need to apply for an “additional sport” classification in each sport. This does not mean that a full application is required. Athletes should complete the additional sport application form and the UKSA pro-forma and submit in the normal way. Both documents are required to complete this “additional sport” application process.

Document 1 – INAS-FID Additional Sport Application Form.

Document 2 – UKSA Pro-forma for Additional Sport Application.

Valid or not?

The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (UKSA) holds the central database for any athlete from Great Britain who has been classified at UK or international level.

If you are in any doubt about whether a card or classification number is valid or you need further guidance or would like to chat through the classification procedures then contact the UK Sports Association on 020 7490 3057.

You can view the INAS Master List by visiting the INAS website. Please remember that this list is updated on broadly speaking a monthly basis. If a GB athletes names does not appear on the master list you are advised to check their status with UKSA as it may be that the INAS list has not yet been updated, but the athlete is in fact classified.

The only valid and existing UK classification system is that managed by UKSA. Other organisations in each of the Home Countries implement that system in their respective Home Country. To check the UK classification status of an athlete, please contact UKSA who hold the only UK wide master list.

The downloads on this page require Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don’t have it, you can Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.